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On November 23, 2013, Hobie Caldwell granted permission to host Rosehips recordings on the Live Music Archive

Howdy Folks,

I am an old grey drummer/singer from 28 bands over 33 years. I'm reduced to the hobby/therapy level due to 15 years of a night shift job at Kinkos - FedEx Office. I fortunately recorded frequently and have digitized a majority of it so far. I am just interested in making this stuff more easily accessible to my old band mates and friends. 1982 and before were mostly in PA and limited to copy tunes (otay?). 1982 to 2000 are in OR which do involve originals. I have contacted and gained blessings to proceed from all involved. Band names involved will be:
Prism - 74 to 75 - Zach Schierberl g+v, Dumpy Walters b, Byrd Birocco k+v, Blake Simpson k, Snail Caldwell congas+harp, Hobie Caldwell d+v
Rosehips - 75 to 76 - Zach Schierberl g+v, Trace Ordiway b+v, Curt Thomas g, Scott Rufner g, Snail Caldwell c+h, Hobie Caldwell d+v
Mithrandir - 76 to 77 - Homer Ake g+v, Jeff ? g+v, Denny Yount b+v, Rick Harmon k+v, Hobie Caldwell d+v
Sig and the Sahibs - 82 to 86 - Sig Paulson g+v, Bruce Fontaine b+v, Kim Connor v, Mark Mckinney k or Tim Carbaugh k+v, Snail Caldwell sax+c+h+v, Hobie Caldwell d+v
Coolwhips - 86 to 87 - Lynn Knight g+v, Jerry Sulkind b, Dusty Mckay k+v, Kim Connor v, Snail Caldwell s+c+h+v, Hobie Caldwell d+v
Reflex Blue - 87 to 90 - Gary Mezierre g+v, Vern Nix b+v, Kim Connor, v, Mike Renwick, percussion, Snail Caldwell s+h+v, Hobie Caldwell d+v

...........Be Cool - Have Fun - Yer Bro - Hobie Caldwell

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